Thursday, June 9th, 2011

Effervescent watercolor by Amy Crook

Effervescent by Amy Crook, $222

The pattern of the salt pools in this one reminded me of bubbles rising up through soda, so I went a sort of wacky Wonka route and made it grape soda purple fading up to blue. The bubbles are cola ink brown, bubbly limeade green and of course the blue goes well with the grape itself. Even the background wash is bubbly with salt texture.

Each brown bubble was made by dropping water over a salt crystal that had been coated in ink for another project, and so each one has a core of dark brown ink that somehow became sediment rather than going back to liquid. The other colors, too, were from paint-infused salt, I keep a little bowl of salt crystals that I’ve used in previous projects and I pulled out a selection for this painting, though have now dissolved completely and recrystallized straight onto the paper.

Effervescent, 5″x7″ salt, ink and watercolor on watercolor paper, $222 framed with free shipping.

You can see the playful combination of colors below, as well as the texture both visual and physical, and a little bit of the whimsical sparkle.

Effervescent, detail, by Amy Crook

Effervescent, detail, by Amy Crook

And here it is in its frame, the salt crystals safely tucked behind glass.

Effervescent, framed art by Amy Crook

Effervescent, framed, by Amy Crook

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