Sunday Round-up & Cat sketch

Sunday, May 26th, 2013

tentacles and brains and monsters, oh my!

tentacles and brains and monsters, oh my!

Another week, another half dozen oddities. Monday the monsters got put down for a nap, and Tuesday I indulged in a big bowl of Brainton Soup. Wednesday I gave you all a peek into some of the things I’m working on. Thursday there was a completely awesome recipe for ice cream bread, and Friday this angler fish offered to eat it, and you. Finally, Saturday Cthulhu showed you his Ace of Hearts.

And now that it’s Sunday, there’s a sketch! I’ve been working on more animals, and so I sketched up this cat in my wee sketchbook to try to get his design more refined.

Cat sketch by Amy Crook

Cat sketch by Amy Crook

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2 Responses to “Sunday Round-up & Cat sketch”

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  1. wyomingnot says:

    The cat is wearing a tie! How cute!


  2. Amy says:

    No, no, he’s got tie markings, like McGonagall’s glasses *dork* 😀