Sunday Round-Up & Doctor Donna Sketch

Sunday, July 28th, 2013

A full week chock full of fullness. Also, art.

A full week chock full of fullness. Also, art.

What a week! I had a bit of flu the week before and early this week, so I wasn’t sure I’d manage to get you a whole week of art, but I squeaked by. Whew. Monday I indulged in a pencil drawing of another of my own characters. Tuesday there weren’t tentacles, but there was an abandoned city on some alien planet, so, close enough. Wednesday I found 3 watercolors that I love and reminded you that they’re waiting for new homes. Thursday there were more strange stars, and Friday Bilbo got an overabundance of flowers. Saturday we shared a lovely view from the TARDIS.

Today’s sketch is another TARDIS-y one, which was a thank-you gift for a lovely patron who bought some Doctor Who art. I might redo it into a proper bit of art one of these weeks, what do you think?

"Are you sure this is safe?" "Just enjoy it!" "That's what they all say."

“Are you sure this is safe?”
“Just enjoy it!”
“That’s what they all say.”

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