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Friday, August 2nd, 2013

Free color dingbats by Amy Crook

Free color dingbats by Amy Crook

When I got the idea to make you guys some free little clip art type dingbats to use as you will, I really didn’t plan out what I wanted to make. So, this is why you have a dozen weird little drawings, from gothy to silly, which you may feel free to use however you like. I’d love a link back, but just this once it’s not required.

I think they’d make fun “drop caps” at the start of a post, or little bits of art to emphasize quotes or other little bits of blogging you want people to notice.

I haven’t cut these up into individual pieces, but you should be able to do that easily enough with any simple online image editing software. I’ve even included the black and white versions below, I particularly like the gothy ones in b&w. Though the skull is better in color, clearly.

If you want a high-res one to do something fun with, email me and I’ll send it over. Just tell me what you want it for, and it’s yours!

Free black and white dingbats by Amy Crook

Free black and white dingbats by Amy Crook

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4 Responses to “Dingbats 1”

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  1. Birdy Diamond says:

    Thank you, thank you! πŸ™‚ :>

    These will go WONDERFULLY on our new site: WonderLand Decks & Delights. πŸ™‚ :>

  2. Amy says:

    Yay, exciting! I can’t wait to see it. πŸ™‚

  3. Birdy Diamond says:

    Well, here you go! πŸ˜€

    The first installation… Baby Tentacles as pull quotes! πŸ˜€


  4. Amy says:

    Looks great! ~♥~