Blood Moon 9

Friday, August 3rd, 2018

Blood Moon 9 by Amy Crook, 3 bats flying against a red full moon on a violet sky with gold stars

Blood Moon 9, 10″x8″ watercolor on Arches cover white paper

Friday, July 27th was a blood moon for parts of the world that could see the eclipse, so this painting is in honor of that momentous occasion.

The sky is a gorgeous red-violet, deep but not dull, with rich gold stars glittering out of the page. The moon glows with subtle shimmers as well, and three bats fly across, the ruddy light shining through their wing membranes.

The framed photo perhaps best captures the warmth of the colors in this mercurial painting, the layered paint making it different from every angle. Far from being cold, the night is alive with magic and mystery, just waiting for you to join in.

Blood Moon 9, detail, by Amy Crook

Blood Moon 9, detail, by Amy Crook

Above, you an see the three tiny bats and the delicate transparency of their wing membranes. Below, the bats are in a frame, fluttering in anticipation of their new home.

Blood Moon 9, framed art by Amy Crook

Blood Moon 9, framed art by Amy Crook

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