Artist’s Choice: Best of 2018

Tuesday, January 1st, 2019

Artist's Choice - Best of 2018 by Amy Crook

2019 is here!

Not gonna lie, 2018 wasn’t a great year for your artist, Dear Readers. But there were some good things to come out of it, like the art you see below. There were only six Floating Galleries with new art in them, and so I’ve chosen 2 from each to highlight.

Here’s hoping that 2019 brings us beautiful art, many moments of joy, and days filled with kindness.


Shining Apocalypse, watercolor ruins by Amy Crook

Shining Apocalypse, 8″x4″ watercolor on Fluid watercolor paper

Harvest Moon 4, watercolor by Amy Crook

Harvest Moon 4, 8″x8″ watercolor on Arches watercolor paper


Vanishing Into Seafoam by Amy Crook

Vanishing Into Seafoam, 6″x6″ watercolor on artist panel

The Skull Inside of Us, original watercolor by Amy Crook

The Skull Inside of Us, 6″x6″ watercolor on Fluid watercolor paper


Rising Spirit, a large watercolor of a ghostly building against a sunrise of pink clouds by Amy Crook

Rising Spirit, 24″x12″ watercolor on Fluid watercolor paper

watercolor painting of tentacles, baby octopuses, and jellyfish on a deep violet backgroudn by Amy Crook

Deep Ultraviolet, 12″x6″ watercolor and white ink on Fluid watercolor paper


Concentric 1 by Amy Crook, abstract art of white patterns on a purple background with gold flecks

Concentric 1, 10″x8″ ink on Fluid watercolor paper

Culture by Amy Crook, abstract watercolor of purple and rust orange blotches on white

Culture, 10″x8″ watercolor on Fluid watercolor paper


Blood Moon 9 by Amy Crook, 3 bats flying against a red full moon on a violet sky with gold stars

Blood Moon 9, 10″x8″ watercolor on Arches cover white paper

Whimsical Doldrums by Amy Crook, panorama of a bichromatic fantasy city under curlicue rainclouds, ink and watercolor on paper

Whimsical Doldrums, 18″x6″ ink and watercolor on Fluid watercolor paper


Ruination by Amy Crook, a muted watercolor painting of smoking ruins against a pale sky full of carrion birds

Ruination, 12″x6″ watercolor on Fluid watercolor paper

Striking Out by Amy Crook, a watercolor painting of shimmering purple lightning against dark, roiling violet thunderclouds

Striking Out, 10″x8″ watercolor on watercolor paper

So, what’s in store for 2019?

There will be a Gallery of some sort in March with all-new art, including pieces inspired by Doctor Who, Mr. Rogers, and more. New work is filtering into my Etsy shop slowly. My commissions queue is being whittled down, and someday will reopen, but there’s already a wait list (sorry not sorry). Patreon continues to be a wonderful source of support and ideas, and they’ll get their own state of the thing post soon.

Also, I’ll do my annual kitties post in a few days. =^~,~^=

Mainly I’m going to try to recover from 2018 and get my art and my life back on track. Thanks for sticking with me!

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