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Saturday, December 1st, 2018

playing card back by Amy Crook

playing card back by Amy Crook

Would you like a deck of cards with 54 different pieces of art on them, plus the 55th (shown above) on the back? Of course you would!

  • Fully playable, professionally printed 54-card deck, including 2 Jokers
  • Each card features art by Amy Crook
  • Preorder now for shipping as soon as possible — no guarantees about Christmas, though, sorry!
  • Standard 2.5″x3.5″ playing card size
  • Packaged in a plain white cardboard box for $25
  • Box is signed for free, or get a sketch on your box for an extra $25
  • Shipping is free in the US. If you’re outside of the US, email me to make special arrangements!

This is pretty much a one-shot, preorder-only run, so if you think you want them, now’s the time! I’ll be ordering them on December 5, so if you miss the window, that’s it.

EDIT: Orders are closed! Thanks to everyone who got the thing, they are on their way to me very soon.

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