Rising Spirit

Monday, April 2nd, 2018

Rising Spirit, a large watercolor of a ghostly building against a sunrise of pink clouds by Amy Crook

Rising Spirit, 24″x12″ watercolor on Fluid watercolor paper

It’s so big!

Rising Spirit defies the scanner, being two feet in width (over half a meter for you sensible measurers) and one foot high. This one’s for everyone who asked for something larger, suitable for your mantel or above the bed.

For all its sizable ambitions, it’s soft and inviting, with a rosy spread of clouds and the ghost of past prominence rising up with the sun to celebrate the day.

The building itself is a much gentler turquoise than the images want to portray, though still greener than the arching dome of blue sky.

Rising Spirit, detail, by Amy Crook

Rising Spirit, detail, by Amy Crook

Above, you can see the ghostly architecture up close, piercing through the clouds and haloed with sunlight. Below, the piece on my little writing desk for size reference — it’s a bit larger than the usual!

Rising Spirit, watercolor by Amy Crook

Rising Spirit, watercolor by Amy Crook

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