Concentric 14

Friday, June 3rd, 2022

Concentric 14, 7″x5″ watercolor on yupo

The Floating Gallery is open and ready for you, my darlings!

A change of pace for the Concentric series, this painting has a shimmering blue background with opaque, matte designs atop.

The translucent yupo paper lets the light glow through, but also makes it hard to photograph with any kind of color accuracy. Although the palette is all blues and purples and shining silver, it’s hard to tell which shade of which is there when they shift with the light.

These feel more like flowers than fireworks to me, like bursts of color atop a shimmering pond or strange flocks against a cloud-flocked sky. What do you see?

Concentric 14, detail, by Amy Crook

Above, you can see up close the way the paint sparkles and shifts in the light, and the way the yupo seems to glow with its own translucency. Below, it’s sequestered in a frame, waiting for its new home.

Concentric 14, framed art by Amy Crook

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