Friday, July 9th, 2010

Fallen, top view, by Amy Crook

Fallen, approx. 11″x4″x1.25″ bronze sculpture

I have a whole series of little nude people in singles and pairs, several of which I’ve already sold over the years. Unfortunately this is one instance where my terrible photography skills come into play, since it’s hard for me to capture the nuances of texture and color in these pieces. They were all created in a soft, malleable wax and then cast in bronze using a method that destroys the original, so they’re one of a kind. The color comes from a chemical patina that has slowly developed with age. All of the figures in this series are in the same scale, though many of them have a rather more adult theme — I’m starting tame.

This particular figure always reminded me of a fallen angel, and though I had several ideas for adding wings over the years, I ended up liking him as is. He’s designed to lay on his face on a flat surface, but you can see the front of the figure is fully detailed, below, except for the actual faces, which I left eerily blank. I keep him displayed on a black surface under my glass coffee table, a subtle surprise for anyone who notices it. Not that I have a lot of people over, heh.

Fallen, bottom view, by Amy Crook

Fallen, bottom view, by Amy Crook

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