Cartoon: Linda Esposito, version 1

Monday, August 23rd, 2010

Linda Esposito, version 1, by Amy Crook

Linda Esposito, version 1, by Amy Crook

When the wonderful Linda Esposito of Talk Therapy Biz took me up on getting herself turned into a cartoon, I’m pretty sure she didn’t expect to get two! The one she asked for was the one above, something in greens and browns with a professional feel to it to complement her site. When I was actually doing her sketch, I couldn’t find her email at first with the pose request, so I doodled up an entirely different cartoon of her (I’ll post that one tomorrow) before digging up the “right” pose.

I couldn’t resist showing her both ideas, though, and I was thrilled when she decided to get cartooned twice! She’s been wonderfully patient with this summer’s mad delays, and I’m really happy that she’s finally got her cartoons to show for it.

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2 Responses to “Cartoon: Linda Esposito, version 1”

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  1. Linda says:

    If only my boobs looked that good in real life!

    It’s been a pleasure working with you, and I appreciate your amazing artistic gifts and versatility. This is my small way of supporting the arts.

    Thanks Amy-you rock!

  2. Amy says:

    Cartooning – better than Victoria’s Secret 😉

    It’s been great to work with you, too, and I hope the cartoons prove useful! You were endlessly patient with my delays, which I really, really appreciate.

    Thanks right back, and you’re very welcome! My arts feel quite well-supported. 😉