A Circle in Time

Tuesday, October 19th, 2010

A Circle in Time by Amy Crook

A Circle in Time by Amy Crook

Insomnia brings art experiments! I had a ton of trouble sleeping last week, and around 3am one night I got bored with sitting around in bed and started wandering around the apartment, looking for things to do.

I had put this quote on the white board, plucked from the Storm Constantine book I was re-reading:

“A circle in time; we begin again.”

So I picked out one of the little pre-torn squares of soft, thick watercolor paper I had left from my printmaking days, pulled out a pan of Japanese watercolors, a brush, and a matching blue fountain pen, and this was the result. I waited until the watercolors were mostly dry — but not fully — before writing in the quote, so it blurred and became as much image as text.

A Circle in Time, 5″x5″ watercolor with pen and ink on Arches cover white paper.

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