Texture in Brown

Monday, March 28th, 2011

Texture in Brown by Amy Crook

Texture in Brown by Amy Crook

Everything about this piece is a combination of deliberation and randomness, letting my choice of materials dictate the final product.

I didn’t like this when I started it out, at first just the red-brown leaf shape at the center of the page. then I added the redder wash down at the bottom, and an even softer red wash in the upper area, and used salt to give a rough texture to the lower area. I let that dry and sit a few days before coming back to it with a quill and some ink that used to be black, but has aged in its bottle to a soft, walnut brown. The quill caught and stuttered on the rough paper, giving the lines a rough look as the ink bled.

I think the end result looks like some sort of landscape, each piece working together to create a rich field of texture and earthy color.

Texture in Brown, 7″x5″ watercolor and pen and ink on watercolor paper, $129 with free shipping.

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