Tentacle Planet

Tuesday, April 5th, 2011

Tentacle Planet by Amy Crook

Tentacle Planet by Amy Crook

I guess I’ve just had tentacles on the brain lately! The first day I was experimenting with salt, I painted up the central circle of opaque gouache, which ended up looking a bit like Mars to me when it dried. The salt makes the pigments powder on the page, and you can see a little smear of paint-dust in the upper left from where I brushed it away.

I wasn’t satisfied with just the one layer of paint, though, so I watered down the same pure pigment into a light wash and painted in the halo of tentacles, sprinkling salt carefully at the base of each one, which further affected the surface of the circle around the edges as well.

Tentacle Planet, 5″x5″ Japanese watercolor on Arches cover white paper.

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