Green to Blue

Friday, August 5th, 2011

Green to Blue, abstract art by Amy Crook

Green to Blue, abstract art by Amy Crook, $299

This abstract work uses the same soft celadon green Crane & Co. cardstock as Hibiscus Green, but is a much more complex piece. I used a green pen for the salt pools, which ended up with a much less uniform color to them than most of mine, the ink staying more firmly soaked into the paper so that the salt rises pale and shining above the darker green centers. I used watercolor for the surroundings, trying to expand the palette without covering up the gorgeous, subtle hue of the paper completely.

Green to Blue, 6.375″x4.25″ mixed media on paper, $299 with free shipping.

Here you can see a view of one of the formations at the center of the piece, with light shining on the fine line of redistributed salt in the blue paint.

Green to Blue, detail, by Amy Crook

Green to Blue, detail, by Amy Crook, $299

I don’t have a frame for this piece yet, but I’ve made a computer wallpaper and iPhone wallpaper of this piece for you to enjoy.

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