Aglow 2

Thursday, September 15th, 2011

Aglow 2, abstract art by Amy Crook

Aglow 2 by Amy Crook, $499

I just couldn’t resist revisiting the delicate colors and shapes I got using the orange ink pen with this paper and my salt techniques. I combined a constellation-like cluster of salt rosettes with the rich texture and deep, velvety color of the lunar black watercolor to create a companion piece to the original Aglow. This paper has such a soft texture of its own that the watercolor paint tends to sink in, giving the background a more muted feel and making the textures more subtle.

Aglow 2, 5″x5″ mixed media on paper, $499, framed, with free shipping.

The surprise this time is the delicate intersection of brush strokes in the lower right, which created an effect I liked so much you’ll see it repeated over again in tomorrow’s piece.

Aglow 2, detail 1, by Amy Crook

Aglow 2, detail 1, by Amy Crook

I also love the way this delicate little line of three salt pools looks like Orion’s belt, or perhaps just a trio of fireflies dancing in the deepening night.

Aglow 2, detail 2, by Amy Crook

Aglow 2, detail 2, by Amy Crook

A thin black frame protects the piece and offsets the subtle gradations in the paint.

Aglow 2, framed art by Amy Crook

Aglow 2, framed, by Amy Crook, $499

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