Update: Cthulhu Divination Deck WIP

Wednesday, September 7th, 2011

Cthulhu Divination Deck, Card Mockup by Amy Crook

Cthulhu Divination Deck, Card Mockup by Amy Crook

Progress is moving forward on my idea for a Cthulhu Divination Deck! I decided on a card size, a deck size, and got some price quotes. I’m planning to add some ornamentation to the card frame (and possibly change the layout a little), but this is the basic idea. So far I’ve decided that card #1 needs to be Cthulhu himself, and #42 (the last one) will be “The Stars are Right.” Now I just have 40 more cards to decide on. Then I’ll sketch out the art double the size it will be on the original cards, ink and color each piece, and somewhere in there I’ll put together stuff for the Kickstarter.

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