Sunday Round-Up & John Sketch

Sunday, April 21st, 2013

lots of squid and other things and squid

lots of squid and other things and squid

What a week! Too much happening in the world that sucks. But here, there was art! Monday‘s annoyed hedgie sort of set the tone, unfortunately, and Tuesday a giant squid said rawr and ate a boat. Wednesday I showed you my Wall of Squid, with bonus guest Octopi. Thursday Sherlock totally failed to apologize, and Friday some crows flew past the moon in the dull lavender gloaming.

For your traditional Sunday Sketch, I have a nervous Watson, who wishes to remain unbent, unmutilated, and otherwise in good shape as he flies across the country to deliver a birthday card.

John says please don't bend me!

John says please don’t bend me!

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