Tuesday, April 3rd, 2018

Vestiges, a watercolor painting in bright blues and turquoise of alien underwater ruins, by Amy Crook

Vestiges, 8″x4″ watercolor and white ink on Fluid watercolor paper

A vivid ultramarine blue ocean, with hints of purple and turquoise both. This ocean is alien and strange, with the many-eyed whale floating along in the background, and the shattered remains of some long-lost civilization in the fore.

Whatever was once here, the vestiges that were left have their own kind of beauty.

Vestiges, detail, by Amy Crook

Vestiges, detail, by Amy Crook

Above, you can see the cracked dome up close, with our whale peeking in as it glides by in the distance. Below, the painting is in a temporary frame, waiting to adorn your home with its peculiar beauty.

Vestiges, framed art by Amy Crook

Vestiges, framed art by Amy Crook

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