Stay tf Home

Thursday, April 30th, 2020

word art reading STAY the fuck HOME by Amy Crook

Stay tf Home, 5″x5″ brush lettering and watercolor on paper

I did this piece for Instagram back in March but the sentiment continues, and will continue, to apply.

Stress and creativity are weird bedfellows, uncomfortably clashing and mixing in strange ways. There’s not going to be the same kind of Floating Gallery in May because things aren’t done, but some commissions are getting off the books instead, which is its own kind of goodness. My Patreon patrons continue to be a source of support and delight, and their sketches are also getting done, albeit slowly. They will get first dibs on anything that drops in May, including this piece.

Stay safe, be well, and pet your animals. At least the ones that don’t bite.

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