January 2020 Patreon sketches

Tuesday, April 14th, 2020

I’ve been slack in posting the results of my Patreon sketch requests this year, for the same reason as everything, really. We’re all losing track of time, sleep, and everything but our pets, who won’t let us. These are for requests given to me in January, which were drawn/painted in February, and I’m finally remembering to post here in April.

  • Jefferson asked for “MELTAN YOUR FACE OFF” which became, uh, that.
  • Eric asked for a Numenera prop and got Stoic Bountiful Goat, which is a riff off a Pokestop by his work. I’ve gotta amuse myself somehow.
  • Luna asked for a very determined snail, and got a snail with a meme face.

  • Amy B asked for caterwauling and got a drawing inspired by Mal when she wants attention. Just imagine she’s sitting on my desk like a jerkface who is perfectly aware she’s not supposed to be up there.
  • Eric got a surprise B-side to his Numenera thing, because his weird blob of clay changes shape when you look away. I have no explanation for why it’s a pistachio.
  • Kim asked for a comfy crow making itself at home, which turned into nesting. I’m going to assume it stole the purple yarn from Kim’s stash.

  • Corinne asked for Peggy Carter.
  • Amber asked for herself brandishing a wooden spoon.
  • Roxanne asked for Harry Dresden.
  • Andria asked for Real Winter and got a bonus Winter Soldier because reasons.

If you’d like one of your own, you can come support me on Patreon here and make your own request, which I will then interpret however I like.

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