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Dancing on Glass

Friday, October 22nd, 2010

Dancing on Glass by Amy Crook

Dancing on Glass by Amy Crook

This is another piece from about the same era — I got into a phase where I was painting with acrylics on shards of broken glass. Surprisingly, I didn’t cut myself nearly as much as you might think. You can see the same fascination with dancers, though — I’ve always been pleased with the feeling of grace in this piece.

I never did figure out a good way to display any of these pieces, though, and I’m not sure I even still have them. If I recall correctly, this one’s about the size of a 3″x5″ index card, and the background is literally painted on the back side of the glass, with the figure floating a few millimeters above it on her own surface.

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Broken Rainbow

Thursday, June 10th, 2010

Broken Rainbow by Amy Crook

Broken Rainbow by Amy Crook

I went through a phase many years ago of painting on glass — I even made friends with a stained glass artisan who would sell me their broken scraps, which I hauled around for many years before realizing I was pretty much over a painting base you can cut yourself with.

This piece uses both thinned acrylic paints and liquid food coloring to get the different color effects, each piece painted individually and then re-assembled from 3 broken sheets into one big panel. I took the photos by putting the piece on a light table so you can see the transparency of the colors. I’ve always meant to built a light box to house this so it can be displayed, but I’ve never had the tools and motivation at the same time.

Broken Rainbow, 15″x5″ acrylic paints and liquid food coloring on broken glass, not for sale.

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