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To Admire and to Adore

Tuesday, February 20th, 2024

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It’s finally out!

In this sequel to To Hive and to Hold, we check back in with Arthur and Jade, meet some new friends, make some new magic, and watch a new romance catch fire.

Arthur: witch, apothecarist, tea-maker, and teacher.
Jade: sorcerer, tattooist, and Arthur’s non-binary lover.
Basil Vasan-Everleigh: part fae, part human, and entirely overlooked by his sorcerer family.
Rixt: dragon, patron, and a man of exquisite taste.

Dragons have a bone to pick with the sorcerers, and both parties require impartial negotiators. Arthur and Jade agree to speak on the dragons’ behalf, and Basil’s father volunteers him to speak for the sorcerers.

Arthur gets new clients for tea, new vendors for magical plants and ingredients, and Basil gets a whole new world that appreciates him for who he is. Rixt gets more than he bargained for, Jade gets to see his former enemies get what they deserve, and our heroes get a whole lot of happily ever after.

Tags: low stakes, romance, m/m romance, genderqueer character, medium spicy, solarpunk, hopepunk, cozy magic, will make you hungry and crave tea, HEA and extended denouement, slice of life

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Gifts of the Fairy Queen

Sunday, January 9th, 2022

Gifts of the Fairy Queen, a Consulting Magic novella by Amy CrookConsulting Magic has a new installment!

Read it on Kindle today!

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