Endless: Dream

Monday, September 27th, 2010

Endless: Dream by Amy Crook

Endless: Dream by Amy Crook

Neil Gaiman’s Sandman series has inspired thousands of artists of all sorts since it began in 1989. I made a total of 5 of these small etching plates for the Endless, though for some reason I never printed the Death plate by itself, although it’s used in one of my larger pieces, Red Death.

This plate represents the series’ main character, Dream. His dark robes, at times, showed the faces of infinite dreamers around the hem, and so I used a tattered piece of silk to create the impression of cloth at the top of the plate. Then I drew the faces in by hand, young and old, male and female, each of them dreaming with their eyes shut tight.

Dream, 2″x2.75″ etching on 6″x6″ watercolor paper, 1/1, $199 with free shipping.

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