Green Salt Pools

Friday, June 3rd, 2011

Green Salt Pools, watercolor by Amy Crook

Green Salt Pools by Amy Crook

This time I used small chips of salt inside tiny, tight spirals of bright green pen, and put a scant drop of water atop each one. I got small, dense pools of dried salt, almost all of which had a central crystal as well as the border of salt that always forms. This pen came out a pale, yellow-green when it was diluted into the salt, and just like the blue and gold earlier this week, the ink dissolved into the solution completely.

The green in the background is dark and bluish, but the rings around each little salt formation are a brighter green, from the dark shadowy forest to the rich green of leaves overhead to the bright new-leaf green of the salt growth.

Green Salt Pools, 7″x5″ salt, pen and ink and watercolor on watercolor paper, $299 framed, with free shipping.

This picture gives you a better feel for the color and texture of the piece:

Green Salt Pools, detail, by Amy Crook

Green Salt Pools, detail, by Amy Crook

And here you can see it tucked safe in its frame:

Green Salt Pools, framed watercolor by Amy Crook

Green Salt Pools, framed, by Amy Crook

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4 Responses to “Green Salt Pools”

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  1. kristine says:

    i love the texture on here, all your salt ones are a neato idea/experiment. first glance, they reminded me of lily pads 🙂

  2. Amy says:

    Thanks! They remind me of lily pads, too, but I’m trying to start seeing other things in them, too.

  3. Dryden says:

    Beautiful Amy, love the addition of a new texture and anything green I love as well.

  4. Amy says:

    I’m liking the ones that are fairly monochrome a lot, with the single-color salt pools and a complementary color to go with them. I think that’s why I kept the gold one white.