WIP: Weeble Cthulhu Divination Deck

Wednesday, August 17th, 2011

Weeble Cthulhu Divination Card sketch by Amy Crook

Weeble Cthulhu Divination Card sketch by Amy Crook

Since it’s been a while since I released my two Coloring Books, I want to get back to my original weeble monster love and do another Cthulhu project. This time, I want to make a parody divination deck starring Weeble Cthulhu and his other creepy cute pals. This is inspired both by my love of tarot cards (they’re like little packs of themed art!), and the completely awesome Fantod Pack by Edward Gorey.

I’m still making a lot of the basic decisions, but I made this sketch as a motivator for myself. I love how his tentacles float up in the water, and the weird angles on his altar bed, though I’m pretty sure I won’t bother to show the surface of the water in the final, just shade it to give sense of being below the depths. I just felt like drawing a tiny sailboat.

Stuff that needs to be decided (feel free to weigh in!):

  • What size should the cards be — playing card or tarot card size?
  • How big should the deck be? (I’m thinking 42 cards right now.)
  • Or, do I want to add a whole extra research dimension by trying to do an entire 78-card Tarot deck?
  • If I did do a Tarot deck, how would the suits work? Obviously Tentacles would be a suit, but what about the other 3?
  • If I did a 42-card “divination deck,” what should I do for the actual instructions for use?
  • Either way I need to assign numbers and meanings to the monsters, which should be hilariously fun. I love the universal gloom of Gorey’s predictions, though mine will of course involve more tentacles.
  • Where should I have them printed? How fancy should the accompanying booklet be?
  • What other rewards should the Kickstarter off than packs and more packs? Originals, obviously, but what else?

I want to get at least half if not most of the art done before I even consider a Kickstarter, so that if/when it does fund it’ll be ready to send off to the printer very soon after. Having supported several Kickstarters now, I have to admit that the wait after funding is interminable, and the one that was ready for press right away and has already shipped to me has a very special place in my heart.

So, what do you all think, dear readers? Would you want to divine that you were destined to be detained by demons, tickled by tentacles or poked by psuedopods? Or have I lost too much of my sanity to be trusted?

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2 Responses to “WIP: Weeble Cthulhu Divination Deck”

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  1. Kristine says:

    idea – what about using the new rounded business cards from moo? they might be smaller than you are envisioning, but the quality and card stock are both high.

  2. Amy says:

    They’d be incredibly hard to shuffle, I think, not to mention I’d still need to get tuck-boxes printed.

    It’d be a great idea for promotion, though, to print up some ‘samples’ on the rounded-corner cards with the kick starter url on them, so yay!