Five 5

Tuesday, October 18th, 2011

Five 5, artist trading card by Amy Crook

Five 5 by Amy Crook

This paper completely absorbed the water before any of the salt could even dissolve, making mysterious swirls of ink surrounding each spiral. I went back in and created the crosshatched figure, and once it was most of the way done, I turned it on the side and found that it looked rather like a creepy, Lovecraftian figure. I used water to blur the ink and add significant shape to the shoggoth, the pattern of dots turning the fifth spiral into a part of the figure like an eye on a stalk.

Five 5, 3.5″x2.5″ mixed media on paper, nfs (but available for trading!).

I find it interesting how all the ink on this piece, except for the signature, is blurred and softened,  giving the whole piece has a creepy, surreal feeling. Happy Halloween season!

Five 5, detail, by Amy Crook

Five 5, detail, by Amy Crook

If you’re an artist who makes ATCs of your own, and are coveting this one, let me know!

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