Thursday, January 19th, 2012

Dichrome abstract art by Amy Crook

Dichrome by Amy Crook

Despite the rather random way this image came about (and really, do my abstract pieces come about any other way?), I’m really in love with the stuttering flow of the paint and the subtle transition from warm orange to cool, soft blue. The salt pools came later, using a black ink that separates in water into brown and blue, which mixed beautifully with the pink Himalayan salt.

The swoop of paint reminds me of clouds at sunset, breaking up as they rise up into the sky, but then I’m not sure what the salt pools would become, though they were absolutely necessary for the visual balance of the piece.

Dichrome, 6″x6″ watercolor, ink and salt on paper, nfs (sold).

There’s a lot of variation in the salt pools this time around, and here you can really see the colors of them and how they echo the paint colors.

Dichrome, detail 1, by Amy Crook

Dichrome, detail 1, by Amy Crook

And here’s another view of the same section that allows you to really appreciate the geometric crystals in the big pool, and the chunk of pink salt with its rough surfaces that’s nearby. I always find the close-up photos of the salt crystal formations fascinating.

Dichrome, detail 2, by Amy Crook

Dichrome, detail 2, by Amy Crook

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2 Responses to “Dichrome”

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  1. LifeSalts says:

    Himalayan salt is naturally soothing, and the painting is beautiful. What a great piece of artwork to add to a home!

  2. Amy says:

    Thank you! Someone’s already agreed with you, since the piece sold quite fast.