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Continuations, commission art by Amy Crook, all rights reserved

Continuations, commission art by Amy Crook

Sometimes the love of cephalopods really brings people together! Zack was looking for a squid to use in a client-side interface, and ended up becoming a patron to boot. These little guys are anthropomorphic representations of programming concepts I won’t try to explain – he says it much better than me what they’re useful for:

When working on a problem, sometimes you stumble onto a solution that you don’t quite have the words or theory to adequately describe.

I asked Amy to help me document four primitives that I found useful in composing small units of code across time and space.

And now the primitives live on my desk in a framed illustration and I don’t have to worry about forgetting them or which notebook they were documented in.

Curiously, I like looking at her illustrations, whereas, as a harsh self-critic, I don’t enjoy reading my own technical work.

I liked the outcome so much that I immediately engaged her to draw up my next design, at a much earlier stage in the process.

I would definitely recommend Amy to anyone involved in creative technical work, and I hope others would be open to the incorporation of art into technology.

Symbolic abstraction doesn’t have to be limited to the greek alphabet.

-Zack Galler, Mathlords

Continuations, 7″x5″ pen & ink and Copic marker on paper.

Read more here about how to get your very own commissioned art, for work or play.

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