July 2023 Patreon Sketches

Monday, March 4th, 2024

More sketches, more Pokemon. My patrons know what they like, I guess?

Sketch card time! Y’all gave me ALL the prompts for next month, but this time there were only 5. SaraBeth, I haven’t forgotten you, keep your eyes out for a whole set of ghosts in cute costumes next week!

I also went and made wee travel palettes of basically all my watercolors, and then had fun using them for this.

  • Amy B asked for “melt” and gets word art entirely from the warm colors palette (sold)
  • Eric asked for a Pokemon and got the first thing that I saw when I opened GO, so blame them, but also enjoy this in its 3 shades of blue (sold)
  • Jefferson asked for “iceberg hot tub” so here’s a polar bear enjoying a bath, also all in blue (sold)
  • Nick asked for some good luck and also 🧡 so here’s an only slightly menacing bit of word art from the greens palette, with bonus hearts from the warms when I pulled it out for Amy’s melty card

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