August 2023 Patreon Sketches

Thursday, March 7th, 2024

Lots this month! Patreon supporters were engaged or something.

y’all asked for a LOT of cards the month before I went and got covid, dang! I’m late but not outside of September, so I’m going to consider it a win. There’s quite a range of styles this time, because I tended to get 2 done and then have to fuck off and do something else, lol. Enjoy!

  • Corinne wrote a fic where super soldiers in the MCU were also werewolves, and I had to draw chibi werewolf Red skull
  • Amy B asked for petrichor
  • Eric wanted cookies & cream and got ghost Oreos (sold)
  • Amber asked for the 1st day of school (sold)
  • SaraBeth asked for autumn vibes
  • JoVE asked for “ready for summer but it’s raining” (sold)
  • Jefferson asked for “hotberg icetub” because he loves to torment me (sold)
  • Andria wanted dragon(fruit) shaved ice
  • Nick asked for a Princely Bottom a la Red White & Royal Blue
  • Kelly wanted space! I love painting space cards, ngl. (sold)

And that’s all of them! So many!

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