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Saturday, May 19th, 2012

meh Puppy t-shirt design by Amy Crook

meh Puppy t-shirt design by Amy Crook

I actually drew this little guy on my whiteboard a few weeks ago, and I was so fond of him I redrew him in Illustrator and put him on a t-shirt. Personally I have enough t-shirts to choke a small elephant, but I might have to buy one of him anyway, since there are just a lot of meh days to go around and my sad panda shirt can’t do all the heavy lifting.

meh Puppy, Adobe Illustrator & Wacom tablet.

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Puppy Love

Friday, May 20th, 2011

Puppy Love, painting by Amy Crook

Puppy Love by Amy Crook

This cute little guy is one of the tea experiments I posted last Friday. Rather than watercolor, I made the wash with strong black tea, and then enhanced it with a brown fountain pen and, you guessed it, more tea. The shape that the tea left when it dried suggested a puppy to me, so I played a little bit with the pen and brush and eventually got something I was happy with.

The end result is warm and whimsical, just the perfect thing for a dog lover.

Puppy Love, 7″x5″ pen & ink and tea on paper.

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