Naomi’s Ninjas

Tuesday, March 8th, 2011

Naomi's Ninjas by Amy Crook

Naomi's Ninjas by Amy Crook

Naomi Dunford of Ittybiz has ninjas. That’s right, she’s cooler than all of us, and you don’t even know why yet. A while back, I drew up these little weeble ninjas for the exclusive* use of her Ninjas, who have helped me out several times without having to call in Naomi herself.

Today’s Naomi’s birthday! Well, March 8, who knows when you’re reading this.

As a little gift from the internet, we’re all supposed to be posting about how awesome Naomi is, and how she’s helped us along our path to Ittybiz awesomeness.

I’m in a slightly different position than most of the people she’s helped — my day job was already working at home, already freelance. What happened to me was that the recession hurt my biggest client, and that hurt my ability to pay the rent, and then I discovered Naomi and learned a whole lot about marketing in a short period of time. I’d been spoiled by my early success (I went freelance in 1998 and have had steady work from my biggest client the whole time), and having to suddenly market in order to get work was an unpleasant wakeup.

Naomi made that suck a lot less.

She encouraged me to find in-person ways to network. She answered questions, did SpeakEasy lessons on the things that baffled me, and even helped me plan the art sale that paid for me to attend my Mom’s wedding last year. She’s got a no-bullshit attitude about getting off your ass and getting things done, and without her, I’m not sure I’d have stopped making excuses and started up the site you’re reading this on right now.

Happy Birthday, Naomi. Thank you.

*That means they’re not available under Creative Commons Non-Commercial Attribution, all rights are reserved for the Ninjas.

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6 Responses to “Naomi’s Ninjas”

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  1. I always love how those ninjas are so incredibly casual in the way they hold their weapons. But then, I guess they would be. It’s no big deal to them. Work gear, really. I mean, it’s not like you and I are wandering around waving a pen saying, “LOOK AT ME!!! AREN’T YOU IMPRESSED? I HAVE A PEN, MOTHERFUCKERS!!!”

    Thanks, pretty lady. I’m glad they sucked you into it. 😉

    (Love the “want a little art in your life” thing down there, btw.)

  2. Amy says:

    Hee! Well, you know, they’re ninjas, they know how to handle their weapons… wait, somehow that doesn’t sound right when I say it.

    I dunno, sometimes I wave my paintbrushes at the cats, but you’re right, they’re never impressed.

    Happy Birthday, Naomi!

    (And, thanks! I do what I can to make art-buying more comfortable.)

  3. scheherazodd says:

    Awesome ninja, Amy. I noticed, however, that your ninja have boobies, which makes them girls. Female ninja are actually called “kunoichi.” (And the martial art they study is “Kunoichi-jutsu.”) Trust me, I would know. I studied Ninjutsu for several years with the Tenyo Yamabushi Ninjutsu Dojo, and am a girl. While I was referred to as a “kunoichi,” I was unable (unfortunately) to learn much Kunoichi-jutsu since my Shihan (head-dojo-dude) was male. (I studied Ninjutsu- learned the guy stuff, and only a little of the girl stuff).

    ANYWAY, awesome illustrations! I’m dabbling in illustration myself right now, but am no where near your level! You rock!

  4. Amy says:

    Thank you! It took me a while to develop an illustration style, and every one is a new adventure.

    I have it on good authority that Naomi’s ninjas come in both genders, so I drew half boys and half girls (they don’t all have boobies, only the bottom row). I wanted her ninjas to have choices, regardless of cultural correctness (I was under the impression the kunoichi also wore purple instead of black, for instance), especially since they’re code ninjas, assistant ninjas, or other sorts of business experts rather than actual students of the martial arts.

  5. As one of Naomi’s ninjas, I just wanted to say thank you–for the art and the shout-out. 🙂

    And we are indeed incredibly nonchalant about our weapons, though we now also have a leeetle bit of a desire to shout, AREN’T YOU IMPRESSED? I HAVE A KEYBOARD!! AND. A. MOUSE. BOO-YA.

    Only the most officialest of ninjas say “Boo-ya,” you know.

  6. Amy says:

    Ninjas need love, too! I’m glad the ninjas are still enjoying their ninjas. ♥