Mycroft’s Minions

Thursday, August 22nd, 2013

Mycroft's Minions, parody art by Amy Crook

Mycroft’s Minions, parody art by Amy Crook

It’s more Minions! Am I the only one who sees these wee pill-shaped dudes and thinks of that old Naprosyn slogan, “Little. Yellow. Different.”?

After pondering the idea of crossing Despicable Me over with some of my favorite fandoms, I couldn’t resist the idea of Mycroft having actual Minions with his own little M logo on their overalls and everything. And then, when trying to figure out a scenario that would be fun to draw, I couldn’t help but imagine Mycroft in my favorite scene from the first movie, down on one knee smooching the Minions goodnight one by one.

This is another one of those ideas that had to be a card, but isn’t really for any occasion specifically, just to put a smile on someone’s face. Unless you know someone who’s actually got Minions, in which case it’s kind of a sympathy card.


Mycroft's Minons, blank greeting card by Amy Crook at Etsy

Mycroft’s Minons, blank greeting card by Amy Crook at Etsy

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