January Patreon Sketches

Tuesday, January 26th, 2016

My wonderful supporters on Patreon get the option to request sketches at the $5 and $10 level (color!), and this month I got 4 requests.

Abandoned Book for Kim, sketch by Amy Crook

Abandoned Book for Kim, who was feeling melancholy

Death Does Netflix and Chill, sketch by Amy Crook

Death Does Netflix & Chill, for Jeff, who wanted to see Death on holiday

Favorite Treats, sketch by Amy Crook

Favorite Treats, for Blaine who wanted my favorite food (I cheated)

Exes and Ghosts, sketch by Amy Crook

Exes and Ghosts, for Molly who asked for musical and got an earworm

Untrue Love by Amy Crook, a Consulting Magic short


PS – If you’ve been curious about my writing, the little G-rated “how they met” short Untrue Love is on sale this week — for free!

This story shows us Alex’s first case, when he was an insufferable little university student instead of an insufferable adult. He meets Agent Murielle Lapointe, with whom he’s still working years later in the novels, and they work together to catch a killer.


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