30 Day Marker Challenge, part 4

Tuesday, May 2nd, 2017

The amazing Sadynax gave herself a 30-day Marker Challenge last month, and I decided to do it for April to help get back in the swing of art after my surgery.

I managed to make art nearly every day this month (once I doubled up and skipped a day), and I can definitely see how I got back into using my materials as the month went on. I also got more energy to put into the finished pieces as my stamina returned, so hooray for healing!

Spilled Tea by Amy Crook

Day 25: Draw liquid.

Polar Stars bookmark by Amy Crook

Day 26: Use your favorite colors.

Jigglypuff by Amy Crook

Day 27: Choose 3 colors blindly, again!

Queen of Swords by Amy Crook

Day 28: Use only markers that end in the number 7.

Spring Moleskine by Amy Crook

Day 29: Use cheap markers.

Aquamarine (left) and Amethyst Spear (right) by Amy Crook

Day 30: Redo a challenge you were dissatisfied with and compare the two pieces.

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