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May Patreon sketches & a bit of word art

Tuesday, May 31st, 2016

This past Wednesday was a bit of a madhouse, and this next one might be worse. My roommate of 9 years is moving out, and someone new is moving in! I’m very grateful to have found someone so fast (as is my old roomie, who got to squeak out with less than a month’s notice), but it’s going to be a lot of changes. The first of which is a small raise in my rent, sigh!

Do consider supporting my art on Patreon and optionally getting sketches of your own, assuming that my art is something enjoy and support!

Inception quote word art by Amy Crook

Don’t be afraid to dream a little bigger, darling.

In lieu of doing my own word art live on Periscope, I did this little quote from Inception while watching someone else’s Periscope. Perisception, or something.

Knitting sketch for CC

Knitting sketch for CC

This is sort of a study for a larger piece of art. It’s interesting trying to google people knitting, because in half the photos you can tell it’s just a model holding the needles attractively instead of actually knitting.

there is no explanation for this

“Gollum with the good hair” for Jeff’s bizarre prompt

Gollum is saying, “Precious is back from the tasty orange munchie mans… And some new hair!” I have basically no excuse for this one, but it’s definitely Jeff’s fault.

sketchy spring cuppa for Kim

“A cup of tea for Spring” for Kim

So let’s conclude with a lovely little cup of wildflowers, a bright breath of spring after the foreverness of winter this year.

Have a lovely short holiday week, for those of you who got Monday off!

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