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Ophiuchus by Amy Crook

Ophiuchus by Amy Crook

The second Starcycles Calendar I ever laid out was in 2001, and when Georgia asked for Ophiuchus on the cover, I decided to dive in with an oil painting. The image wrapped around the book, so the snake’s tail and field of stars were the back cover, while the figure was the main focus on the front.

Ophiuchus, 9″x12″ oil on canvas, sold.

I scanned the painting as I made progress, and have used both the star-free texture and the field of stars several times in other projects for Starcycles.

Ophiuchus, step 1, by Amy Crook

Ophiuchus, step 1, by Amy Crook

You can see below how the star field was deliberately color-shifted when I scanned it to be more turquoise, which was more in keeping with her business colors at the time.

Ophiuchus, step 2, by Amy Crook

Ophiuchus, step 2, by Amy Crook

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2 Responses to “Ophiuchus”

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  1. Bill Allerton says:

    Hi Amy, I was trawling (again) for an Ophiuchus image and for once came up with a new one. Yours. I just completed a novel (first in a trilogy) in which he figures quite large. The interesting thing is how he is depicted in your picture. Many others show him turned around, facing the audience, so to say, and occasionally with the serpent reversed(?)
    In the novel, a set of tiles are unearthed that depict Ophiucus in just the way you have painted him. A blind young woman describes the colours by touch in very similar hues. Your style has a touch of ‘Van Gogh’ness about it. I don’t know if that’s deliberate or not but I have bookmarked your page and if I can sell the book I can always refer them to your picture. With your permission of course.
    Thanks for letting me see it. It’s quite something.

  2. Amy says:

    I’m glad you’ve found something that resonates with you in my Ophiuchus. Good luck selling your book!