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Monday, June 21st, 2010

Ophiuchus by Amy Crook

Ophiuchus by Amy Crook

The second Starcycles Calendar I ever laid out was in 2001, and when Georgia asked for Ophiuchus on the cover, I decided to dive in with an oil painting. The image wrapped around the book, so the snake’s tail and field of stars were the back cover, while the figure was the main focus on the front.

Ophiuchus, 9″x12″ oil on canvas, sold.


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Monday, May 24th, 2010

Ouroboros by Amy Crook

Ouroboros by Amy Crook

The touches of copper paint glow brightly in the photograph, as though the camera picked up the particles of shimmery metal in the paint.

Ouroboros was painted as another experiment, and is one of the abstracts I’m the most pleased with. The copper swirl of the snakes eating tails concludes with one escaping the endless spiral. The rough white shape on its periwinkle background calls to my mind a giant wing against a twilit sky, Quetzalcoatl overseeing his little cousins perhaps. The metallic paint highlights here and there throughout the painting in subtle and unsubtle ways to add dimension that goes well with the textured brush strokes.

Ouroboros, 16″x20″ oil on canvas.

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