Calm, Cool, and… yeah

Thursday, March 13th, 2014

Calm, Cool, and... yeah, commission by Amy Crook, all rights reserved so please don't steal

Calm, Cool, and… yeah, commission by Amy Crook
all rights reserved so please don’t steal

I have patrons from the coolest places, y’all. Renee is from Malaysia, and she’s been trying to think of the perfect commission for a while. She wanted something that emphasized the character of each of these three somewhat reluctant heroes, so we decided on the “Calm, Cool, and Collected,” trope. Except that Eleven was a lot of things, but collected really isn’t one of them. Besides, bow ties are cool. Spock epitomizes calm, and Sherlock with his popped collar and his cheekbones is definitely cool, so Eleven helped us out by crossing out his adjective and adding in, “also Cool.”

Although the original is (obviously) sold, Renee has kindly consented to let me put our trio on a card that you can buy in my Etsy shop for you very own trio of heroes.

Calm, Cool, and… yeah, 5″x7″ pen & ink and Copic marker on paper.

Spock, Sherlock and Doctor Who card by Amy Crook at Etsy

Spock, Sherlock and Doctor Who card by Amy Crook at Etsy

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