Inktober 2018: Week 4 + The End

Thursday, November 1st, 2018

Inktober is over! One ink drawing per day for the whole month, whew. Today we’ve got the last 10 of these little 2.5″x3.5″ cards, and then on to NaNoWriMo we go!

brush and ink drawing of a slice of pizza with the word YUM!

Inktober 22: Pizza

brush and ink drawing of a black cat staring into your soul

Inktober 23: Your Soul Looks Tasty

pen and ink art of an agouti scratching a capybara's chin

Inktober 24: Giddy Rodents for Kim

ink wash word art of the word MOIST

Inktober 25: Moist for Oscar

brush and ink art of a cute ghost

Inktober 26: Ghost

pen and ink line art of a Drifloon

Inktober 27: Drifloon

brush and ink word art of the word petrichor dripping onto cracked dry ground

Inktober 28: Petrichor for Molly

draw a blod and make it into a cat. call it art.

Inktober 29: Blob Cat

brush and ink art of city skyline

Inktober 30: Skyline

pen and ink art of a fanged skull in a crown resting in an arched niche

Inktober 31: Vampire Skull

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