Inktober 2018: Week 3

Friday, October 26th, 2018

Inktober is still going! One ink drawing per day all month, often from prompts. Also still late with these recaps, so here’s week 3 of these little 2.5″x3.5″ cards, most of which were done while visiting family. Whee.

zen circle Jack Skellington face

Inktober 15: Skellington

pen and ink drawing of a pumpkin with a big hungry mouth and no eyes

Inktober 16: Hungry Pumpkin

pen and ink drawing of a fake bone divination spread

Inktober 17: Bone Divination

pen and ink drawing of a bunny face down under the words Travel Day Sux

Inktober 18: Travel Day

pen and ink drawing of a coffee cup with two keyholes in it and a pair of dogtags with keys on them dangling over it

Inktober 19: GI Joe

brush and ink drawings of the four card suits

Inktober 20: Card Suits

pen and ink word art of the word bird forming a bird

Inktober 21: Bird

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