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Fabeku Fatunmise – Cartoon!

Tuesday, June 8th, 2010

Fabeku Fatunmise by Amy Crook

Fabeku Fatunmise by Amy Crook

Fabeku Fatunmise is one of my favorite people on Twitter, he’s just full of good cheer and awesomeness. I’ve downloaded his non-sucky free stuff and really enjoyed it, so when he told me he wanted to be a cartoon, I was all over it! I even traded him part of his fee for another of his downloads, which I love as much as the first one.

Fabeku wanted a weeble, and he asked for his prop to be one of his drums, which he sent me a photo of for reference. A link to the Ramones t-shirt and the shoes, and we were in business. I sketched him up, and after a few changes I inked and we talked about colors (for the record, he’s “pinky medium white guy” colored), and then, result!

I have absolutely no idea how the ninja got in there, though.

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