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April 2022 Patreon sketches

Thursday, March 23rd, 2023

Guess who’s been doing sketches on Patreon for months and not posting them to the blog? It’s me! I’ll be getting the last many months of them out on the blog over the next few weeks, so please enjoy the ridiculousness.

April 2022 ACEO sketches by Amy Crook

April 2022 ACEO sketches by Amy Crook

  • This one wasn’t a prompt, I just wanted to draw trees and birbs on this orange sunset
  • Jeff asked for ‘distracted’
  • Another non-prompt experiment with salt and watercolor on yupo that got some marker topography
  • And ‘rose candy’ for Eric

These have all found a new home, but some of the later ones are still available for the discerning collector. You can also make an account and follow me on Patreon for free, where these are always posted publicly, or Instagram or Twitter, where I post some things as the mood strikes me.

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