Baby Cthulhu

Thursday, February 21st, 2019

Cthulhu in a pink bonnet and diaper, with yellow teddy bear slippers, holding a teddy bear's head and sucking on a pacifier, by Amy Crook

Baby Cthulhu, 8″x10″ pen & ink and Copic marker on paper

My friend Amber had a baby and I’ve been given the duty of being the lad’s fairy gothmother. So far that’s mostly consisted of helping keep mom sane, but she also commissioned me to draw something for the baby’s room.

Cthulhu here is a bit crabby about his getup, from the pink bonnet and binky to the happy yellow slippers. He’s expressing his displeasure with some rather graphic threats enacted on the poor teddy bear. Watch out, this Elder God’s not too into his naptime after all.

Want a Cthulhu shirt of your own? I put this baby on Redbubble so you, too, can sport a cranky Cthulhu.

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