July 2022 Patreon sketches

Tuesday, April 4th, 2023

Plus a bunch of bonus corvids! I wanted to do some gestural corvids, hilariously unrelated to the poll earlier, just to keep up my practice of loose, interesting birbs.

July 2022 ACEO sketches by Amy Crook

July 2022 ACEO sketches by Amy Crook

Only 2 people actually asked for things in July, so we have:

  • Jefferson, who asked for Iron Chef Klingon and gets deconstructed disgustingness (sold)
  • a purple crow giving some side-eye (sold)
  • a rainbow crow giving some serious side-eye (sold)
  • some crows flying through a gorgeous sunrise, inspired by Shayla Maddox’s current photo project (pretty sure this one’s been claimed too)
  • A bi pride sea turtle for Andria, the only piece to use an actual pen (for the purple bits) outside of the signature, heh (sold)
  • and a fluffed-up blue corvid having a bloody red treat (sold)

I actually used references for everything but the food, though I googled Klingon names to give our chef his moniker. I also mentally wrote some weird fanfic in my head about this dish while doodling, so, uh. Enjoy the grossness?

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