September 2023 Patreon Sketches

Monday, March 11th, 2024

With more vintage Patreon commentary, lol.

and they’re even on time!

  • Nick asked for a Moogle and here it is
  • This odd little abstract has some space-ish echoes in it. And purple! (sold)
  • Jefferson asked for pumpkin spice soccer, so this one’s his fault entirely (sold)
  • A random bonus nebula (sold)
  • This DMB quote is always a good reminder
  • Lickitung is here to help me troll Corinne, sorry not sorry
  • Eric asked for board game night, and got an homage to our old game store (sold)
  • SaraBeth wanted cake! And since I have no idea what anyone’s fave colors are, it’s purple

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