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30 Day Marker Challenge, part 2

Tuesday, April 18th, 2017

The amazing Sadynax gave herself a 30-day Marker Challenge last month, and I decided to do it for April to help get back in the swing of art after my surgery.

I’m giving my wonderful Patreon supporters some bonuses at the $5+ sketch levels this month, so it’s a good time to become a patron!

Morticia Frump's Wedding by Amy Crook

Day 11: Redo one of your old copic works.

Q Purrito by Amy Crook

Day 12: Shade white cloth without using any grey markers.

Gloom word art by Amy Crook

Day 13: Color ombre.

Specificity Arthur by Amy Crook

Day 14: Use at least 10 colors.

Strawberries by Amy Crook

Day 15: No lineart.

Moscow Mule by Amy Crook for Jeff

Day 16: Draw something metallic.

Space Squid by Amy Crook

Day 17: Make space/cosmos.

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