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Tuesday, May 24th, 2016

Librocubicularist, word art by Amy Crook

Librocubicularist: one who reads in bed,
5″x7″ pen & ink and Copic marker on paper

I had a lot of choices for who to draw here, but in the end Hermione seemed like the perfect embodiment of this hard-to-pronounce* word.

Besides, it gave me a chance to draw an unflattering cat selfie of Crookshanks, which is a joy not to be underestimated.

Are you a librocubicularist? I am, every night without fail!

*Seriously, so hard to pronounce.

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Summer Reading

Monday, October 24th, 2011

Summer Reading, watercolor by Amy Crook

Summer Reading by Amy Crook

I started this piece during the recent Playshop call with Melissa Dinwiddie, then went back and finished it up later. The tree and figure are painted with just two colors, quinacridone gold and amazonite genuine, and then I added in a bit of soft cadmium yellow when I went back and did the sky, and added in the fuller foliage. I especially like the way some of the leaves have little haloes of gold, and the rich greens and browns that came out of just those two colors mixed in different proportions.

Summer Reading, 5″x7″ watercolor on paper.

I think this would make a great piece to put in a bookshelf, nestled between books to remind you of the joy of reading.

Summer Reading, framed art by Amy Crook

Summer Reading, framed, by Amy Crook

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Reading Under a Tree

Sunday, May 23rd, 2010

Reading Under a Tree by Amy Crook

Reading Under a Tree by Amy Crook

This is a little doodle I did thinking about one of my Works in Progress that’s kinda undecided about where I’m going with it. Right now it’s just a blue sky and some dark brown earth and nothing else, but I actually sort of like the effect all by itself. Still, I like this image with its loose lines and the arching tree over the studious figure.

I’ve always liked drawing trees, especially the leafless winter skeletons with all their intricate fractal shapes. It’s like jagged lace to see the bits of sky between the branches, the shadows reflecting inexact details warped by the ground’s topography.

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