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2021 48-hour Sketch Card Weekend

Thursday, February 24th, 2022

48 hours, 24 sketch cards

It’s all Danielle Corsetto’s fault.

The bright young perky things of comics do an annual 24hr comic, but Danielle is also moving into the Old and Tired phase of life and wanted a little more space, and also to expand the challenge to non-comics people. So, her version was to take the weekend, 48 hours, and do 24 of something — I chose sketch cards! And I actually did it, which was pretty awesome.

A lot of these are catch-up for the previous months on Patreon, from which I owed oh so many cards, but also just doing some for the heck of it.

You can see all the original posts here on Patreon, they’re public and have tired commentary to go with them:

ACEO sketch cards by Amy Crook

First batch, all marker all the time. From top left:

  • Corinne wanted a tiktok memed into Stuckony, lol
  • Amber asked for “backyard kiddie pool” and oops got a kitty pool
  • Rey asked for “Science Says Chill” and got his fancy word art
  • And some lineless, sketchless halloween candy for feeding my own heart!

ACEO sketch cards by Amy Crook

Second batch, playing with Copic markers and ink on Yupo substrate. From the top left:

  • abstract play with liquid ink directly onto paper, no pen required
  • spooky ghost
  • skull with a crown
  • goldfishy!

ACEO sketch cards by Amy Crook

Markers, pencils, and your artist getting tired. From top left:

  • Amy B asked for “summer witch vibes” and got this homage to Goths in Hot Weather (sold)
  • Jeff asked for Print Nightmare, which is apparently a real Windows exploit, because of course it is (sold)
  • Jeff ALSO asked for Roy Kent, which was honestly a fucking delight (sold)
  • Deandra asked for something from To Hive & To Hold, and I did a scribbly pencil sketch of Meadowsweet snoozing on Arthur

ACEO sketch cards by Amy Crook

Day 2, switching media. Watercolor! From the top left:

  • Bucky with tats, gift art for a Halloween thing (which is why this post is locked)
  • a mixed media abstract that i started yesterday and finished today
  • magic wands for Eric (sold)
  • fishy!

ACEO sketch cards by Amy Crook

A trio of trees and a very special birb against the moon. Who’s that Pokémon?

ACEO sketch cards by Amy Crook

Last ones! From the top left:

  • blobcat for the end, because two others are drying overnight for finishing later
  • purple abstract, because I can
  • Eric asked for “salt” and got this almost-dry abstract in his favorite blue & gold
  • Fairytale Sky! Remember that series? Have another.

I took pics when I started each say… as you can see watercolor day is a lot more involved.

Batching them in fours and taking a lot of breaks really helped, and man could I tell I’d been doing my physical therapy. My neck was almost not mad about it at the end, and is basically healed other than the ongoing problems from my terrible art gremlin posture. I have managed to somehow loosen my right shoulder in its socket, however, so I’m back in PT starting this week. Yay? I also took a bunch of breaks on watercolor day to help Dan dye his hair blue, and we ran out of gloves so I had one very blue hand by the end, haha.

Thanks for coming along on the journey belatedly with me!

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Monday, July 19th, 2021

mixed media artwork of a blue-purple twilight with a waning gibbous moon, tree, and birds

Waning, 5″x7″ mixed media on paper

This misprint had an alignment issue that made it all sky and no earth. I couldn’t resist painting in the very end of twilight in rich blue and fading violet. The moon is a special iridescent paint that looks white at some angles and lavender at others. The tree has some intriguing physical texture, painting over with soft-body acrylic paint, and its details were extended into a network of lacy growth.

There’s a few little birds in the sky as well, hidden mostly behind the mist of tiny dots that might be fireflies or snowflakes or even a light rain reflecting moonlight at the viewer.

Every part of this artwork got a touch of new life, from the waning gibbous moon to the color-washed streaks in the sky.

Waning, detail, by Amy Crook

Above, you can see the way the paint shines, the moon going purple and the tree’s texture picking up the golden sunlight. Below, this piece is in a frame and happily showing itself off for you.

Waning, framed art by Amy Crook

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Artifacts of the Resolution

Wednesday, July 14th, 2021

a mixed media painting of a tree, crows, and a ghost

Artifacts of the Resolution, 5″x7″ mixed media on paper

Making prints work out is always an interesting challenge with a new program and a new printer.

Instead of recycling this low-res misprint, I used my mineral-based watercolors to paint over it. I added the cloudy russet sunset and gave the tree texture, body, and new details. All of the birds stayed at their original resolution, which gives the painting its name.

Look, I can’t be expected to resist a pun that good.

Artifacts of the Resolution, detail, by Amy Crook

Above, you can see up close the motion-blur of the branches next to the clear pixelation on the birds, as though they’re visiting from some other, lower-resolution reality. Below, the painting is resting in a frame, waiting to be sent to someone new.

Artifacts of the Resolution, framed art by Amy Crook

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Old Haunts

Saturday, September 5th, 2020

Old Haunts, 8″x4″ brush & ink and watercolor on paper

I’ve had the spooky, misty-dusk background of this piece sitting around my studio aka living room for ages, and finally one day I just pulled it out and put some trees on it. The light in the middle begged for its own something, and this loosely-constructed, half-overgrown haunted house grew out of that.

It’s possible your artist watches a few too many Halloween movies.

There’s a trio of trees, a handful of crows, and of course the spooky old house rising up out of the mist.

Old Haunts, detail, by Amy Crook

Above, you can see some spooky trees and spooky birds and the misty gloaming sky behind them both. Below, it’s on my shiny new table easel, waiting to haunt its new home.

Old Haunts by Amy Crook

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Where Lightning Once Was

Thursday, March 12th, 2020

a watercolor painting of a raven in flight, coming to land on the lightning-struck center of a spiky tree in front of a sunset, by Amy Crook

Where Lightning Once Was, 8″x8″ watercolor on paper

Another richly-colored sunset, this one is a smooth wash of red and orange with only the early moon to break it up.

The tree is spiky and strange, not quite a silhouette and filled with surprise sparkle in the depths of the trunk. Perhaps it’s all that’s left of the thorns that once caged in Sleeping Beauty, before the lightning and the prince both. In A purple-tinged raven is coming in for a landing in the open space amidst the destruction, finding room to accommodate its wingspan there.

There’s something a little vicious and rough about both the tree and the bird; they’re clearly made for each other.

Where Lightning Once Was, detail, by Amy Crook

Above, you can see this mantled raven, its eye a baleful glint out of its dark feathers. Below, the painting is framed, though it will soon make its way to another frame, another home.

Where Lightning Once Was, framed art by Amy Crook

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Both Alike in Dignity

Sunday, March 8th, 2020

a watercolor painting of a dove in a branch, a flying crow, and a stormy sky behind them both, by Amy Crook

Both Alike in Dignity, 5″x7″ watercolor on paper

Two birds, both alike in dignity…

This is one of those “more cowbell” pieces that used to be something else, and now is something better. It’s the same storm as above, perhaps, but lower to the ground, closer to home. Leaves and the first drops of rain are suspended in the moment, with the carefree crow below while the dove above is already safe in its nest.

Which one are you, the one out playing in the rain, or the enjoying the weather from home where it’s warm and dry?

Both Alike in Dignity, detail, by Amy Crook

Above, you can see the crow silhouetted against the stormy sky, determined to get home despite the winds and clouds. Below, the painting is framed and waiting to find shelter in its new home.

Both Alike in Dignity, framed art by Amy Crook

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Three Crows 2

Friday, March 6th, 2020

three crows with shining eyes flying past a setting sun, and a twisted, spooky tree, watercolor by Amy Crook

Three Crows 2, 6″x4″ watercolor on paper

Sometimes original, amazing titles come to me, and sometimes you get Three Crows 2.

The art that goes with the uninspired title, however, has a gorgeous sky full of hidden shimmer in the sunset-painted clouds. The tree twists out into the middle ground with gorgeously shaded branches, and the three crows have just enough spook and shimmer to them to stand out beautifully against both. Their eyes are painted with a dot of one of my favorite weird paints that shimmers from red to green like a scarab.

Where do you need a little bit of spookiness in your spring?

Three Crows 2, detail, by Amy Crook

Above, you can see two of the crows flying past the shimmering clouds, their eyes reflecting unknown secrets. Below, this deceptively small painting is waiting in its frame to be whisked away to a new environment, with new secrets to be learned.

Three Crows 2, framed art by Amy Crook

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